Block & Larder, Denver Sold to Post Oak BBQ

By Shawn Sanborn, Denver Restaurant Real Estate and Business Broker

If you are on Tennyson Street in Denver, you may be drawn to the award-winning Texas style BBQ restaurant Post Oak. Owned and operated by Nick Prince, the food there is delicious and as authentically Texas as the owner. Like most restaurant locations, this one has a history going back to 2009 when I met two brothers that had recently relocated to Denver.

In 2010 I had the opportunity to help Jason Forgy and Lucas Forgy find a location for Freshcraft, which quickly became one of the best tap rooms in America. After four years of success and continued growth it was time to expand, and I was asked to find a location for their new concept Block & Larder which landed at 4000 Tennyson Street in Denver, Colorado.
The building was originally constructed in the 1930’s; the complete renovation brought a modern look while preserving some of the original character, such as the tin ceiling and hardwood floors. The decor was warm and inviting with custom tabletops and light fixtures made by a local craftsman. Not only was the design beautiful, Chef Lucas put a new spin on the idea of the neighborhood bar and grill featuring in-house butchery, an extensive whiskey list, and a menu ranging from a bacon flight to steak tartare.

As with any business, especially a family restaurant business, partners sometimes grow in different directions. In this case, the brothers wanted to pursue different goals but had a significant investment, debt, and personal guarantees. In many markets this results in the restaurant closing and partners absorbing the financial loss, which usually results in bankruptcy. The need to separate and move on was inevitable, and they asked me to market the sale of their assets confidentially while they focused on operating the restaurant.

Marketing a restaurant business for sale confidentially is very difficult but something we have been very successful doing. Post Oak BBQ purchased the assets including the H&R liquor license and long-term lease in 2019. Post Oak has earned a great reputation in the Berkeley neighborhood with Nick’s beef-forward approach to simple but great BBQ. I have owned many restaurants but never a BBQ concept. Barbecue is a hobby of mine and anyone that lives in my neighborhood knows when I am smoking, and for some reason have an excuse to stop by. Post Oak delivers an outstanding brisket, one of the best in Denver and well worth a visit!

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