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Kitchen Accidents: Denver Restaurant Broker’s Tips on Restaurant Safety

Sitting at a nice restaurant is usually a calm, comfortable experience: the talk is friendly, the lighting is ambient, the bread is warm, and the servers are charming and composed. But through that swinging kitchen door is a hectic and dangerous environment. With the number of workers dashing around a cluttered room full of hot stoves, sharp utensils, and slippery fluids, very few restaurant kitchens can claim to be accident-free. These accidents range from slightly irritating to hilariously clumsy to seriously crippling, and some can affect restaurant customers as well... Read More

Denver Restaurant Brokers: Selecting a Winning Restaurant Name

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Many decisions go into forming a bar or restaurant, but few are as essential and as binding as the business’s name. Choosing a name can be tough, especially since it must be done before the establishment even opens, and changing the name later on can be a big headache, since it also involves changing the menus, merchandise, advertisements, signage and web content. While altering menu items or restaurant hours can easily be done at any time, naming your restaurant is a major, usually long-term commitment. Consider these guidelines when brainstorming restaurant... Read More