Buying a Business

Sanborn and Company is a Colorado leader in buying restaurants, bars, liquor stores and hotels.  Our team has completed hundreds of transactions in Denver and throughout Colorado. This success can be attributed to our dual perspective as both business owners and brokers.  Our systematic approach leverages this unique experience base to help our customers and clients succeed from initial planning, expansion, exit strategy, and all the way to retirement. At Sanborn and Company we believe we can make business better by starting with an efficient and effective transaction.  There are very few companies with this philosophy but as specialists we have the knowledge and experience to take it to the next and highest level.

Whether you are buying your first restaurant, bar, liquor store, hotel or commercial real estate, it is a complicated transaction and chances are this is a whole new experience.  If you have purchased a business or commercial real estate before it may have consumed all your time, you may have missed a detail or left some money on the table. The team at Sanborn and Company understands that, which is why we’ve developed the Full Service Success System™.  With Sanborn and Company, it’s not just about completing a transaction, it’s about doing things right to help you achieve your goal. Call today at 303-220-7919 or request an appointment online to learn how we can help you achieve your goals.

FSSS - Buyers


Step 1: Personal Readiness Checklist

  • Dedication of time
  • Financial commitment
  • Are you ready to succeed?

Step 2:  Define Your Goals

  • Personal
  • Lifestyle
  • Financial

Step 3: Identify the Right Business Opportunity

  • Comprehensive business analysis
  • Identify the true earnings, risk and potential
  • Return on Investment – buying a job
  • Quantify the correct multiple or capitalization rate
  • The right fit for you!

Step 4: Negotiate The Deal

  • Negotiating the non-binding Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Preparation of the contract (Asset Purchase Agreement)
  • Standard and specific contingencies
  • Due diligence
  • Financing
  • Closing the transaction

Step 5: Ongoing Support

  • Operational analysis
  • How to achieve industry benchmarks and standards
  • Exit planning
  • Our Success Is Contingent Upon Your Success

If you are just beginning your search, our team can help you find the right deal. If you have identified a business we can assist you with a valuation and buyer representation throughout the transaction. Call today at 303-220-7919 or request an appointment online to learn how we can help achieve your goals.