Block & Larder Restaurant Opens on Tennyson

By Shawn Sanborn, Colorado Real Estate Broker and Restaurant Specialist

Over four years ago, I had the opportunity to help the Forgy brothers find a location for a concept that would feature Lucas’ culinary expertise and Jason’s passion for craft beer. It was a great idea, timing was right, and Freshcraft opened in 2010.

After four years of success, continued growth, and brother Aaron joining the team, it was time to expand. It would have been easiest to duplicate a strong concept such as Freshcraft, but the brothers wanted a food-focused concept rather than beer-centric, and the idea of Block & Larder was born.

It was a great idea, timing was right, but the Denver metro area was in the middle of an extremely tight restaurant real estate market. Second generation restaurant space for lease was almost non-existent, new construction was limited, and rental rates were trending up – especially in niche neighborhood markets.

After identifying specific trade areas, our focus turned to Tennyson Square in the Berkeley neighborhood. I was able to help the Forgy brothers successfully negotiate a lease at 4000 Tennyson Street, and Block & Larder opened in December of 2014.

The building was originally constructed in the 1930’s; the complete renovation brings a modern look while preserving some of the original character, such as the tin ceiling and hardwood floors. The décor is warm and inviting with custom table tops and light fixtures made by a local craftsman.

Block & Larder brings a new dimension to the growing Tennyson Street restaurant row. The concept offers a modern twist on a classic chophouse that emphasizes in-house butchery, craft taps and craft cocktails with a Colorado focus. If you are in the Berkeley area, stop by for lunch, dinner or just drinks and nosh. If not, it’s worth the drive to try the Forgy brothers’ newest restaurant venture.

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