Denver Restaurant Brokers: Selecting a Winning Restaurant Name

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Many decisions go into forming a bar or restaurant, but few are as essential and as binding as the business’s name. Choosing a name can be tough, especially since it must be done before the establishment even opens, and changing the name later on can be a big headache, since it also involves changing the menus, merchandise, advertisements, signage and web content. While altering menu items or restaurant hours can easily be done at any time, naming your restaurant is a major, usually long-term commitment. Consider these guidelines when brainstorming restaurant... Read More

Colorado Restaurant Broker: Daily Sales Tracking Tips

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Keeping clear and comprehensive accounts can determine the success of any business. Bars and restaurants have especially volatile incomes, as food and drink sales fluctuate so much throughout the day, week and year, so recording and analyzing daily sales and expenditures is particularly important. In order to maximize revenue and minimize waste, restaurant owners must be able to analyze business patterns to predict future needs. Without detailed daily sales tracking, and budget balancing, successful forecasting becomes an impossible task. Detailed daily reports—or Daily Business Reviews, as they are called—should track sales... Read More

Denver Business Broker: “Cursed” Locations – Reality or Myth?

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Everyone knows that opening a bar or restaurant is risky business. But just how risky is it? If you ask Chef Rocco Dispirito from the popular reality TV show “The Restaurant,” he would tell you that 90 percent of restaurants fail in their first year! His millions of viewers would tell you the same thing, as would most American bankers, who rarely, if ever, give loans to people opening up new restaurants. Many people would also tell you that certain restaurant locations are “cursed,” and that simply leasing one of... Read More