Is there an advantage using a large national commercial real estate company?

No, and it is a disadvantage in most cases. We have all the resources  most large brokerage firms have,  but what truly separates us is our specialized expertise. Most brokerage firms spread their resources over every type of commercial real estate and every industry.  They are not specialists and they spend all their time and money working on many different types of properties and buyers. Our system is more efficient and we have one of the highest closing ratios in the business.

Will my restaurant property be marketed for other uses?

Our goal is to attract the buyer that is willing to pay the highest price for the property and it is likely that will be a restaurant owner or an investment buyer who recognizes the value of the infrastructure.  Our focus will be on these types of buyers but we will also market the property for general retail use. We have been successful selling restaurant properties for other uses such as banks, retail and medical use.

I know financing is difficult but heard it is almost impossible for restaurants. How can you help?

Financing is always a daunting task especially with lenders who are not experienced with restaurant transactions.  We have relationships with both conventional and SBA lenders that understand the restaurant business. We can help access your financing needs and qualifications, make introductions and guide you throughout the process.